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Unique millinery designs

About folie jolie hats by Jennifer Chittum Millinery

 The methods and construction of millinery are challenging, and I enjoy the intricacies that go into such a small yet impactful accessory. The style, shape and material of a hat can emphasize features of the wearers face, add or reduce height, work with or cover a hair style, and create a mood. Hats always draw attention, and add a bit of glamour, even to everyday wear.  When you see my work, I think you'll agree.


My wish is that each hat will bring joy and emphasize the persona or personality of the wearer.


Each of my hats is a unique, one of a kind piece. Everything is carefully created by hand from blocking to trim. My hats are not imported or produced by a third party. 


For inspiration, I draw on art, nature and fabrics. The way different fabrics work together, and using colors to create a simple or bold statement have always fascinated me. 


I have 20+ years of costume design experience and close to a decade of millinery focus.

Skills Include

Hand Blocking Hats
Wire Frame Hats

Silk Flowers

Ribbon Trims

Feather Trims

Vintage Trim Reproduction

Historical Reproduction

Veiled Hats and Brims